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ProboStat Minimum System

This system contains the same fully functional base unit, but is an

option for small budgets, or for those who want to custom design

electrodes etc. It comes with a minimum of pre-fabricated access

-ories, and is based on the separate purchase or fabrication of

parts, simple tools, thermocouples and electrode contacts by the

user. It contains:

  • base unit with all connections and options

  • 1 enclosing tube (alumina or fused quartz)

  • 1 alumina disk sample support tube

  • 1 alumina spring load assembly

  • 20 feedthrough contacts for user's making of detachable thermocouples and electrode contacts

  • Coax cables, thermocouple plug, and gas quick-connects

  • Manual


After fabrication of thermocouple and electrode contacts, the example package enables:

  • Disk samples of up to selected diameter, e.g. 12 or 20 mm

  • Controlled atmosphere, concentration and permeability cells

  • 2 and 3 electrode setups

  • Conductivity, impedance spectroscopy, DC, transport number, etc.


The package can at any time be expanded by more supports, electrode contacts, etc., supplied by us or made by the user (we can supply instructions and parts as necessary).

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