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NORECS AS was founded in 2001 as NorECs Norwegian Electro Ceramics AS by prof. Truls Norby of the Department of Chemistry, University of Oslo (UiO), Norway. NORECS develops and commercializes scientific equipment, materials, and applications, much derived from research at Norby's group at UiO. Focus is on electroceramics, their properties, characterization, and applications at high temperatures.

Main products comprise the versatile original state-of-the-art ProboStat™ system for high temperature electrical measurements, and peripherals (furnaces, gas mixers, flowmeters, software, samples). Around 400 ProboStat™ systems are now in use at universities, research institutes, and industries world-wide. ProboStat™ has been cited in countless scientific publications, see our updated list. Recently, the HumiStat combined gas mixer and steam generator / humidifier has become a popular accessory and standalone product. 

NORECS has representatives all over the world. 

NORECS is representative for several high-ranked manufacturers of quality equipment, including laboratory furnaces and gas-flow control equipment.

Norwegian organization and VAT registration number: NO 983 842 518 MVA

NORECS home web page:

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