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The ProboStat™ is the leading state-of-the-art sample holder system of its kind for characterization of electrical properties of materials at high temperatures in controlled atmospheres, known to researchers and students world-wide. For most uses, it requires additionally a furnace, gas supply, and instrumentation.

A ProboStat™ holds and contacts the sample using high quality ceramics and noble metals, allowing measurements up to 1600°C in widely different atmospheres.

In normal configurations, the sample under test rests on a long support tube of alumina, inside a closed outer tube of alumina or silica. The sample can be contacted with 2, 3 or 4 electrodes of e.g. platinum, using disk or bar geometries. A spring-loaded alumina assembly holds the sample in place and makes contacts to the electrodes.

The base unit is the heart and core of the ProboStat™ and provides the fixation of the ceramic tubes that hold the sample in the high temperature zone. It moreover provides feedthroughs of wires and gases to the connectors on its characteristic hexagonal connector box. 16 electrical feedthroughs allow use of 4 shielded BNC electrode leads, surface guard, and up to three thermocouples (e.g. for Seebeck coefficient measurements) via compensation cables. Gases can be fed in single or dual chamber modes directly onto or from electrodes, allowing measurements under controlled atmospheres, transport number measurements in gradients, and testing of fuel cell, pump, and sensor components. Gas supply is via Swagelok quick-connects.

Special versions for heated gaslines, high voltage or current feedthroughs, and metal outer tubes for better shielding or high pressures are among many options available.

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