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Typical components in a setup for materials characterization with ProboStat™

The ProboStat™ measurement cell can be delivered as a single unit or as part of a complete setup for materials characterization. Such complete system contains, in addition to the  ProbStat™ sample holder, typically of the following components:

Furnace and controller                         NORECS offers commercial furnaces and heating mantles, with controller, specifically modified for the                                                          ProboStat™ sample holder.

Measurement instrumentation         NORECS can supply commercial available instrumentation such as impedance spectrometer,                                                  potentiostat, multimeter or multiplexer.

Software                                     Our measurement software Omega includes and allows:

                                                         1. Control and read mass flow controllers, pressure regulators, furnaces and other

                                                    measurement instruments with Modbus or GPIB protocol support.

                                                         2. Use multimeters to measure sensors and gauges to have analog voltage or current                                                             output.

                                                         3. Include functions to interpret the read values such as thermocouple voltage.

                                                 4. Plot on screen and save to disk the measured data.

Atmosphere control equipment       NORECS manufacture several gas mixers, both standard and customized.


                                                ProGasMix FC - Versatile rotameter-based manual gas mixer, suitable for

                                                1. Fuel cell tests, with humidification of fuel and/or oxidant

                                                2. Gas permeation measurements

                                                3. Transport number measurements

                                                        4. Conductivity measurements as a function of pO2, pH2O, pH2, etc.

                                                FCMix - simple gas mixer, humidification and overpressure control for small fuel cells.

The ProboStat™ sample holder can in addition be delivered with accessories for:

  • Applying high pressures, up to max. 15 bars.

  • Measurements of dielectric constants and conductivity of liquids at high temperatures Liquid cell

  • Annealing of powders in controlled atmospheres

  • Creating temperature gradients in Seebeck coefficient measurements internal heater instructions

  • Measurements of oxygen level close to the sample oxygen sensors

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