4-Leg Thermoelectric Test Module

Our new 4-leg thermoelectric test module is specially designed for our ProboStat. With an efficient water-cooling system enabling large temperature gradient between the hot side and the cold side, together with the full function of the ProboStat, it is perfect for thermoelectric tests on stability and performance, Seebeck coefficient, module power factor, etc.


  • 4 legs: 2 p- and 2 n-type, (2 Π modules)

  • Low temperature and high temperature interconnects

  • Flexible dimensions

  • Water-cooled cold side

  • Maximum 1200°C vs 100°C

  • 4-wire measurement

  • 2 thermocouples for hot and cold sides

  • Water monitor thermocouple

     Optional: thermocouple for oven



  1. Assembly (e.g. 4-leg Al-doped ZnO/ Li-doped NiO module)



  2.  Test results

  •  Temperature monitoring










  •  OCV and power outputs at different temperature gradients















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