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​Samples, Substrates and Targets

  • BZY disk samples 

Dense Button Cells - BZY15, BZY15-Ni, and BZCY81-Ni

BZY is considered to be one of the candidate materials for proton

ceramic fuel cells (PCFCs) and electrolyzer cells (PCECs) due to its

high proton conductivity and chemical stability towards H2O and

CO2 containing atmospheres.


Suitable for studies of proton conduction, impedance electroscopy

of bulk, grain boundary, and electrodes.


Standard electrolyte for testing of electrodes for PCFCs and PCECs. NORECS now offers BZY-based disk samples as described below.*

  •  Interdigitated electrode substrates

NORECS is introducing ceramic substrates with interdigitated noble metal electrodes for electrical characterization of deposited thin films. Contact us for more information.

  •  PLD targets

NORECS offers ceramic targets for Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) and other purposes requiring large disks. The targets we can produce are maximum 35 mm in diameter and 4 mm thickness with relative density 90% or higher.


Currently NORECS offers PLD targets made from 8YSZ and BZY (suitable for solid electrolyte applications and electrical measurements in oxidizing and reducing atmospheres), TiO2 (various qualities, incl. P25) (suitable as photocatalyst or for conductivity studies), and pure and doped ternary oxides such as acceptor-doped LaMO3 perovskites. Send us your specified requirements and applications and we will consider and quote it.


For further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

  •  Samples for training

We produce and/or have access to various types of samples

and targets and produce also custom ones on request for

reference, demonstration, education, training, and research

using ProboStat measurement cells.


Disk- and bar shaped samples:

The samples are disks with 0, 1, 2, or 3 Pt electrodes or

bars without electrodes or with Pt end-face electrodes. The electrodes are made with commercial Pt-pastes and may have Pt mesh embedded. The samples are uniaxially cold-pressed and subsequently sintered to >90% density. The ceramic powders are mostly commercial state-of-the-art supplies or spray-pyrolyzed.


The figures above and tables below show typical shapes and materials. For other shapes and materials, contact us.

Sample shapes:



















Sample materials:














  • SOFC single cell MEAs

SOFC single cell MEAs from Nextech/FuelCellMaterials, US


These anode- or electrolyte-supported anode-electrolyte-cathode SOFC test cells are supplied by NexTech with ProboStat in the US. You may order them from the US company or from us.


Contact us for details.

 Short name                              BZY15                           BZY15-Ni                         BZCY81-Ni


      Ni Content

    Diameter (mm)


    Thickness (mm)


    Grain size (µm)


 Estimated density (%)








   1 wt% NiO






      1 wt% NiO







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