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Data logger - DALONO


DALONO data logger is excellent value logger for voltage

based sensors. The instrument is based on high quality,

multi channel, USB voltmeter and custom made software.


The precision of the instrument is in microvolt range so

reading sensors and thermocouples accurately is no pro

-blem. The footprint of the system is a fraction of that

of a laboratory bench-top multi-meter, and so is the cost

of the unit.


The software includes possibility for sensor calibration, automatic data saving in .csv / text format, and appealing live graphs.

The instrument has 48 nV resolution and 0.1% accuracy on the selected range, ranges from ±39 mV to ±2500 mV.

The instrument can be connected up to 8 sensors. The software can be calibrated to linear sensors as well as complex (polynomial, etc) fitting expressions, and can log and plot all 8 channels simultaneously. On request some or all of the channels of the instrument can be configured also log current based sensors such as 4-20 mA.


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