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Atmosphere Control Equipment

Our expertise include atmosphere control in research and amongst our products are custom built gas mixers and calculation software sold worldwide. For example, HumiStat that is designed and made by NORECS is a very easy-to-use universal gas mixer. We are also representative for Vögtlin instruments AG in Norway. Please see the flow section of our pages for more information on Vögtlin products.

HumiStat Overview 

HumiStat mixer is small footprint laboratory gas mixer with large

dynamic mixing range and humidification of gas or gas mixture.

This mixer is suitable for low-flow laboratory use such as material

science and button fuel cell research. Where large dynamic dilution

range, accuracy, and automated step-programs are important.

Accompanying software is simple and guides the user step-by-step

through the mixture design, and describes the mixture in all typical



Comparison of properties:


























Gas-mixer and humidifier marketing is in many cases misleading. Flow range and dilution ratio is often given as 0-100% when it actually is 0% and 1-100%. As result, the minimum dilution ratio is 1:100 or 1e-2. The discontinuity in range results from the fact that the typical mass flow control equipment is not able to measure very low flows. However, HumiStat has solved this problem, and has fully continuous, truly dynamic range, allowing accurate dilutions all the way from 2e-5 to 100%


Concerning humidity the marketing is just as misleading. The range is often given as impressive looking 0-100% RH, but with small print stating dew point of 75ºC etc. In absolute humidity, this range is only 0-38%. Again, HumiStat has true and continuous range of 0-100% also in absolute humidity. If you want pure steam, 95% steam, 50 ppm H2O or pH2O of 2e-5, it is all possible with HumiStat.


Furthermore, the HumiStat mixer is not limited only to H2O as the fluid. Also the operating cycle is perpetual; there is no need to stop producing mixture in order to add more fluid.


HumiStat achieves the huge dynamic range without wasting large amounts of gas either. Flow of the dilutant is < 100 mln/min.

And last but not least, even with the superior specifications, HumiStat has lower price tag than the competition.

Example pf operation with HumiStat





Select the gases to mix. 









Design the mixture using the sliders or by typing the values 



















Review the mixture.









Apply the mixture.  



The made mixture is kept at 150ºC to vaporize the fluid using the included heated gas line. 

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