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ProboStat Specifications

  • Outer tube diameter: 40 mm

  • Overall length: 75 cm, shorter versions

     available (-10, -20, -30 cm)

  • Single end cell assembly

  • Sample fixation: spring force via alumina rods

  • All hot-zone electrode leads detachable via

     feedthrough mini-connectors

  • Support tube systems from 10 to 24 mm

     diameter detachable

  • For up to 24 mm diameter disk samples

  • For up to 50 mm long bar samples

  • Temperature: typical long term:

  • Atmosphere: Oxidizing or reducing, wet or

     dry, from small overpressure to low vacuum

  • 6 BNC electrode connections for impedance

     spectrometers etc.

  • Internal shields bridging (for SI 1260 , HP 4192A etc.), ground and guard switches

  • 3 thermocouple connections (S or K type)

  • 4 Swagelok gas quick-connects to 1/8'' tubing (other connections on request)

  • Standard materials: Alumina AL23, Pt, Pt10%Rh, Ni-plated brass

  • Water cooling (or heating) of cold end base unit is possible

  • 16 electric feedthroughs (4 inner chamber, 12 outer chamber). Rated for 100V, 5A each.

     Thermocouple type S or K.

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