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NORECS Instrumentation

Seebeck unit      

A three voltmeter unit specifically made for measuring the Seebeck coefficient. The sample is placed inside a ProboStat and contacted with two thermocouples. These thermocouples are then connected from ProboStat to the Seebeck unit which reads the temperatures and the sample voltage. The unit connects to a Windows based pc through an USB port, and the accompanying software (Omega suite) measures and logs the temperatures and the sample voltage. The flexible and customizable software allows you to plot for example sample voltage against delta T, and can then calculate coefficient with linear least squares for that plot.     


Tritemp unit

Similarly, a three voltmeter unit, but with three thermocouple sockets and a switch for every voltmeter. Accomapanying Omega suite software reads and logs these temperatures (or voltages). 

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