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Conductivity And Impedance Measurements

The ProboStat test fixture allows many ways to connect  to the sample.

Disk sample:

  • 2-point impedance spectroscopy and conductivity measurements

  • 2-point impedance spectroscopy and conductivity measurements with surface guard

  • van der Pauw 4-point conductivity measurements

  • Electrode impedance studies with ring reference electrode – symmetrical cells


Bar sample:

  • 4-point conductivity measurements

  • Seebeck coefficient measurements

  • Combined Seebeck coefficient and 4-point conductivity measurements on bar sample


Example schematics of 2-point 4-wire conductivity and impedance measurement.




























Crude picture of the same setup.

  • Left: the bottom electrode pushed up

     by the inner gas supply tube

  • Middle: sample, thermocouple and top


  • Right: spring load assembly pulling the

      setup tightly together





Van der Pauw

Van der Pauw measurements are suitable whenever you need to characterise a highly conducting material with a four point method and the sample is readily available as a thin slab.

For more information see ProboStat manual section 8.2.5.

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