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Impedance Spectroscopy And 2-point Conductivity Measurements On Thin Films With ProboStat™

A ProboStat™ thin film setup for the electrical characterization of thin films for both across-plane and in-plane comes in two variants, one for low temperatures (up to 200ºC) and one for high temperatures, under controlled atmosphere.


For across-plane measurements the film should be deposited on a conductive substrate and equipped with single or multiple Pt (or other) electrodes and for in-plane measurements the film should be deposited on non-conducting substrate with parallel line electrodes. Smallest recommended electrode resolution 1mm, largest recommended substrate dimensions 20 x 26mm. (For low temperature measurements in ambient atmosphere sample dimensions can be larger.)


The bottom electrode is a brass plate (gold plated for the high temperature setup). For across-plane measurements it acts normally as an electrode, and for in-plane measurements it is grounded to remove capacitance.


The two top electrodes are gold wire wrapped around a thin alumina bar, which is gently springloaded. The user can lift and place the top electrode(s) on any painted electrode dot or stripe.


The thin film measurement setup is compatible with standard ProboStat.

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