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S- or K- Type Thermocouple

The ProboStat™ base unit is normally wired to have three thermocouple connections. These connections are made to support either S-type or K-type thermocouples, and must be used with the corresponding thermocouple type.


The S-type thermocouple is made mainly from Platinum and is suitable for any atmosphere. It covers the temperature range all the way up to 1600ºC. The thermocouple tips are also soft and easily bent; a helpful feature when measuring Seebeck coefficients.


The K-type thermocouple is mainly Nickel and is not suitable for reducing atmospheres, has some inaccuracy around 350ºC and is limited to maximum of 1350ºC. The tips of the thermocouple is stiffer and harder to bend.


Once the cell has been built, it is not possible to change the thermocouple type without sending the cell to us for repairs.

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